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Sylvain told a different story. "I don't really have an objective for the result, because we are not in a competition. Only the future can tell us that." Nevertheless, he agreed that his motherland is ailing.A Reuters report said that the Chinese loan for the highway "sent Montenegro's debt soaring."Pingxiang streamlined the regulatory approaches for clearance in May, allowing the procedures of declaration, tax payment and inspection to be finished before the imported cargos reach the customs.

The regional poverty alleviation and development office said that between last December and April this year, Xinjiang had allocated 13.2 billion yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation projects, up 81.7 percent year-on-year.These photos show that the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era has been developing at a high level under the strategic leadership of the two heads of state.Meanwhile, Watergen, an Israeli high-tech company, is presenting its unique patented technology with the ability to turn humidity in the air into a source of high-quality drinking water. It has put several of its machines on display, from small ones for home use to big ones for public spaces.Sister city ties between China and the United States began shortly after the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1979.


(Video editors: Zhao Yuchao, Zhu Jianhui)(Video reporters: Wang Pingping, Zhao Yuchao, Zuo Wei, Shen Zhonghao, Zhang Yirong: Video editor: Zhang Xinyi)Chinese wisdom is being introduced to global governance, which maintains that the entire international community decides the rules -- It shouldn't work in a way that whoever has the bigger muscles has the [bigger] say.In October, local branches from 14 Chinese enterprises visited a job fair held by the University of Zambia's Confucius Institute. "Our business is growing with the participation of hundreds of Zambians, so we come here to recruit more skilled young workers," said Linda Yan, a human resources manager with the Chinese aviation company AVIC International.The DST issue has been debated for some time. One point of contention: internet giants can earn profits from several countries while basing their operations in low-tax countries such as Ireland.

That is the main reason why he joined the Chinese car manufacturer three years ago.Of the 6.1 billion yuan (964 million U.S. dollars) anti-poverty fund allocated by the regional government in 2017, over 80 percent reached those four prefectures.

TRAFFIC OVER THE BRIDGEAt the close of the day, in the Chinese shoe-making factories Ethiopian workers have finished their work and are getting ready to go home, laughing and chatting with co-workers, confident about their future.

In 2015, the discovery of a water project in Liangzhu that includes 11 dikes was announced. It is the oldest large water system ever found in China and is believed to have combined functions of flood control, transportation and irrigation."No matter how low your rank is, you must always remember to work for the people, taking effective measures to address their concerns," said Zhang.


The platforms are designed to expand the benefits brought about by the six-day CIIE, so that import exhibitions and trade can be available to businesses permanently, said Shang Yuying, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.BRIGHT FUTURE FOR BILATERAL TIESSpeech?at the United Nations Office at Geneva

Liu's "Wuzhuangyuan" pork sells for twice as much as ordinary pork in the nearby city of Fuzhou, and robust sales have prompted Liu's farm to increase production to 8,000 pigs this year, up from 6,000 in 2018.It is the first face-to-face meeting between Xi and Trump, after their last one in December in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, also on the sidelines of a G20 summit.Promoting collaboration with southern European countries like Spain and Portugal can assist China in fostering a more comprehensive and dynamic cooperation with Europe, said Cui Hongjian, head of the Department for European Studies at the China Institute of International Studies.

Varian Medical Systems, a U.S. leading company in radiotherapy, is debuting an artificial intelligence-powered personalized cancer care delivery system in Asia.NEW GROWTH MOMENTUMS


In Jiawang District, to the north of the city center, 60 percent of the population once earned their living in coal mines. The mines are now for the most part gone, but the search for new incomes is not easy for families who have spent generations making their money from the mines.Thirty-five years ago, Wu created a sketch of the bridge over the channel and made it a proposal to the then Hong Kong British authorities, but was ignored.

More than 670 households in Xinhu have been lifted out of poverty over the past few years. And the per capita income of the village has exceeded 30,000 yuan (about 4,250 U.S. dollars).Becerovic Branislav, a 39-year old worker who was handling concrete iron near the 160-meter-high piers under construction, said the job gave him a much better income than ever before.There are other reasons to be cheerful for Wu Cuizhi, owner of a local restaurant, which has seen an increasing flow of diners since earlier this year.

Piccirillo believes that the CISM made a wise and meaningful decision to choose China as the host of the 7th World Military Games in 2015. "We made the decision because of the great contribution that China had made to the peace of the world and the country's willingness to spread friendship through sports," he added.It has also ordered financial institutions to respond effectively to the needs for finance from impoverished families.

The U.S. government has recently announced it would impose additional tariffs on 300 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese imports, covering clothing, shoes, toys, TVs, cell phones, laptop computers, among other consumer goods.Like his father Matkurpan, 81, Imin has barely received any education and has herded sheep by the river since the age of three, but his two sons are studying in six and seventh grade on a government grant.

POLICY DIVIDENDS UNLEASHING"Xiongan and Tongzhou are adding two new 'wings' to Beijing, and providing a Chinese solution to big city malaise," said Wu Hequan, deputy head of the expert committee advising the coordinated development of the "Jing-jin-ji" region and academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.In his New Year's address, top DPRK leader Kim expressed his readiness to send athletes and cheerleaders to the South Korea-hosted Winter Olympics, a peace overture responded to by South Korea with alacrity.

The eight initiatives cover various fields such as industrial promotion, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, green development, capacity building, healthcare, people-to-people exchanges, and peace and security."China has stepped forward, creating a vehicle for development assistance. It has evolved in a positive way. It's not really competing with other lenders. It works in many cases with the existing financial institutions," said Kupchan.What's caused the change? Blame a more tightened visa regime in America.The scale of the show is surprising, but these days the growing tourism industry provides an ample audience.The two cars, the first pair of the 404 next-generation rail vehicles being built by the U.S. factory of Chinese rail car manufacturer CRRC will be delivered to Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), a division of Pollack's Department, for further tests before entering into service in the coming months.

Themed "Live Green, Live Better," the expo has attracted exhibitors from 110 countries and international organizations to exhibit indoor displays and outdoor gardens, highlighting the integration of life and ecology.His label, featuring fresh colors and delicate fabric to illustrate a poetic youth, joined two other Chinese brands in presenting their latest collection at the fourth China Day event at the semiannual NYFW."It's an important milestone for China's space exploration," said Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar exploration program.

About a 20 minute ride by high-speed train from Shanghai, Suzhou is one of the richest cities in China, with its more than 100 classical gardens considered some of the most beautiful in the country, and nine of them serving as UNESCO world heritage sites.ORMOND BEACH, the United States, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Bob Grubba, head of a leading U.S. import firm in model train industry, is worried about Washington's threat to slap more tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, saying that it would force family bread-earners in the industry to lose their jobs.The project was designed to take water from China's longest river, the Yangtze, through eastern, middle and western routes to feed dry areas in the north.

In central China's Hunan province, a data base now allows local river chiefs tasked with fighting water pollution to access a wide range of information to help in their work.ROME, March 23 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua News Agency President Cai Mingzhao and ANSA news agency CEO Stefano De Alessandri signed an agreement on Friday to launch the Xinhua Italian Service.

The concurrence was "interesting," said Andre Sapir, a senior fellow at Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank specializing in economy and finance."While we reflect the impact of the railroad, we should also look to the future," said Governor Herbert, while urging people of Utah to dream big, and remember that great things can be envisioned and accomplished even in difficult times.The mobile internet is breeding new professions and new industries with tailored services only a few taps away. The digital lifestyle is the real new normal: mobile payments, mobile entertainment, mobile socializing and even "mobile officing."

Within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has also built and financed a 4.2-billion-dollar Ethiopia-Djibouti electrified rail line to boost Ethiopia's industrial exports.Zhu Gongshan, chairman of Chinese energy company GCL Group, said he would like to scale up investment in Africa, especially to tap into the huge market potential of solar-power generation. His company had already set foot in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

"We have made great efforts to cut red tape to improve the business environment and attract investment," said Zhao Rulang, head of the district government.German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has warned that there would be no future for diesel vehicles unless automakers "showcased their willingness" to ensure its sustained viability as a clean and efficient propulsion technology. The European Parliament has set new, ambitious targets of less emissions.

"It was a very important and timely visit... I really attest to the value that this government puts on the relationship with China, and I also thought there was a number of really interesting and significant agreements between the leaders," said Jason Young, director of the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington.The 7th Military World Games will mark the history of military competitions and develop new practices in the future, said Herve Piccirillo, president of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) in an interview with Xinhua, lauding its material and spiritual legacies to the host city Wuhan and the world.A total of 157 trains will be added so that transportation will be easier for people of various ethnicities during the festival, according to China Railway Urumqi Group Co. Ltd.The construction and transition for all the competition venues will be completed by 2020 and ready for the test events, according to Zhang Jiandong, Executive Vice President of Beijing 2022.


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